What are search tags?

Search tags are short instructions for the Swobbl search engine. With a search tag it is possible to go directly from the search engine to the search of other websites. Search tags always start with one !, followed by the tag name. For simplification, Swobbl provides suggestions directly during the input process, which can be modified by the ! and complete themselves automatically during input. Examples of search tags:

  • !w -> Wikipedia
  • !wde -> Wikipedia Germany
Example of direct use of search tags:
  • !euk Schuhe -> Search for shoes on Ebay (UK)
  • !lingenit Shoe -> Searches for translation of Shoe from English to Italian

Currently the Swobbl search supports x tags, with increasing number. If you are missing a day, please send us your suggestion via the following form.

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Aktuelle unterstützt Swobbl 109 verschiedene Tags

Alternate !alternatede !altto !ade
Arch Linux AUR !aur
Arch Linux Packages !aurpack !archiv
Bitly !bitly !bloomberg
Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung !bpb
Chrome Addons !chrome
CNET !cnet
CNET Deutschland !cnetde
CNET France !cnetfr
Conrad !conrad !deezer
Der Postillon !postillon !derStandard
Ebay BE !ebe
Ebay CH !ech
Ebay Deutschland !ede
Ebay France !efr
Ebay Italia !eit
Ebay Nederlandse !enl
Ebay Österreich !eat
Ebay UK !euk
Facebook !fb !fm !faz
Firefox Addons !firefox
Firefox Marketplace !ffmarket !fiverr !focus !4square !git
Google Play Apps !gplay !gutefrage
Heise C't !heisect
Heise TR !heisetr !heise !here !imdb
Intersport !intersport
Jochen Schweizer !jochen
JQuery Api !jquery !kickstarter
Linguee DE-EN !lingdeen
Linguee DE-FR !lingdefr
Linguee DE-IT !lingdeit
Linguee DE-NL !lingdenl
Linguee EN-FR !lingenfr
Linguee EN-IT !lingenit
Linguee FR-IT !lingfrit
LinkedIn !linkedin
Mac & I !heisemaci
Meteo - !meteoch
MongoDB !mongodb
MXToolbox !dnslookup
Mydays !myd
Netflix !netflix !netzpolitik
Nodejs Doc !nodejs !nzz
OpenLinkMap !openlinkmap
Openstreetmap !openstreetmap
Openweathermap !owm
Opera Addons !opera !php
Pinterest !pinterest !piqd !pixabay
Python Docs !python !quora !reddit !rt
Saturn !saturn !selfhtml !spiegel !spotify
Spreadshirt !spreadshirt
Sputnik News !sputnik
Sputnik News (DE) !sputnikde !srf !stackover
Steam !steam !sz
Tags !tags
Telepolis !heisetp
The Guardian !guardian
Thunderbird Addons !thunderbird !tumblr
Twitch !twitch
Twitter !tw
Twitter Hashtag !hashtag
Twitter User !twitteruser
VKontakte !vk !wettercom !wetteronline
Wikileaks !wikileaks
Wikipedia !w
Wikipedia Deutschland !wde
Wikipedia Français !wfr
Wikipedia Italiano !wit
Wikipedia Nederlandse !wnl
Wikipedia Norge !wno
WolframAlpha !wolfram
Yelp !yelp
Youtube !youtube
Zeit Online !zeit
Википедия Россия !wru