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Why use Swobbl cookies?

Swobbl used for his services cookies to simplify the use of services and optimize. For example, each user is given a session cookie in which the necessary data such as the desired output language is included. This specification required the systems to you at all times display the correct language. Swobbl uses cookies at any time by the user to track or zusammeln information about you. Furthermore only session cookies.

What makes Swobbl for my privacy?

The Swobbl UG (limited) is very important privacy. Protecting your privacy begins with Swobbl collects a minimum of data. Unless you have Swobbl ID registered Swobbl stores recordable as no information from you.

Does Swobbl data with third parties?

No, Swobbl shares no data with a third party or any partner.

How does Swobbl the European "right to be forgotten" to?

Swobbl adheres to the European "right to be forgotten". Upon receipt of an application to remove a search result, we consider the situation and weigh between protecting oneself (given by the "right to be forgotten") and the value of the information for the common good from. For example, we check whether it is professional misconduct, scams, criminal convictions or your public conduct as a public official. We inform you afterwards on the outcome of the investigation. If you do not agree with the decision, you can re-contact us or contact your local local data protection authority.

How do I submit an application for the "right to be forgotten" one?

To submit a request, we need the following information from you:
- The URL of the site at issue.
- Your data (first name, last name, your current job position
- A Verifzierung your data on a photograph of your identity card (front and back)
- A written explanation of why the entry should be removed in your opinion

A check can be made only after receipt of valid documentation.

Please send all information to:

How can I remove information about myself from search results?

Swobbl reflects the content of websites in search results. Should be on a website information about you that you do not want on the Internet, contact ask the competent owner of the site. Once the information has been removed on the website and has Swobbl discovered that changes the data to be updated.