Privacy and Terms

It is no easy thing for a principle to become a man's own unless each day he mantains it and works it out in his life.Original Epictetus

Our philosophy:

For our user

For us, the user comes first. We always develop our services in terms of operation, design, functions and data protection with the aim of providing the user with a better, clearer, more efficient and even safer experience.

Freedom of the internet

The Internet offers all people the opportunity to exchange, network and express their opinions freely. With our services, we support this. For example we constantly expand our search index to provide the newly discovered information to all users. Through our services, we enable people to share data around the world and get in contact with others.


Information must be available at all times. For this reason, we consistently work to provide our services to our users, quickly, efficiently and securely at all times.

Your opinion is important to us

To improve and extend our services, we take our user's opinion very seriously. Suggestions, criticism and suggestions for improvement directly influence our development process.

Financing without disadvantages for users

Like any other company we need steady revenues to cover ongoing costs, as well as the further development of our services. To ensure this, we sell advertisments on the search engine and get commissions from partnerships with various onlineshops. In order to not penalize the users, we have developed and implemented the following guidelines: