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With the Swobbl services, we do not want to offer "only" secure Internet services. We also want to be a real alternative to the well-known companies and break the dependence of Europe on US internet service providers. An important point here is the further development of our search engine. On this page you will find ways to support our work and thus data protection "Made in Europe".

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With each like, share or conversation among friends and acquaintances, you help us to become more familiar and thus to increase our reach. Tell your friends about our social networks:

For companies

With the Swobbl advertisements, we also offer companies the opportunity to support each other. By advertising, a company is given the opportunity to reach the users who are looking for the company or its products. The creation of an advertisement is uncomplicated and takes only a few minutes. The Swobbl advertisements are characterized by simple administration and a fair Payment model thanks to fixed price. And to ensure that you as an entrepreneur always have an eye on how your advertising works, Swobbl offers you daily statistics on your advertising.

The partner programs

Partner programs are sales cooperation between the dealer and the publisher. If you enter the website, one of our partners below, via a link in the search results of the Swobbl search engine, Swobbl will receive a percentage of the sales generated there as part of the affiliate programs of these websites. For you as a customer no extra costs are incurred. So you can Swobbl completely And thus make an important contribution to maintaining data protection on the Internet without the need for additional data.