Privacy and Terms


A strong alternative

The Swobbl network connects the function of a social network with our proven data protection. The user decides what he sees in the newsfeed, There are no sorting algorithms or filter bubbles. Post, share, subscribe and network in the social network with privacy.


Newsfeed according to user's needs and interests

By subscribing to groups, events and people, the user determines which posts he sees in his newsfeed. User-oriented sorting algorithms and related filter bubbles do not exist. Only the user decides which posts are displayed to him.

Comprehensive and clear privacy setting

Privacy settings are intended for use. Therefore, all relevant settings can be found in one place and can be changed quickly and easily.

Cannot be accessed by search engines

Search engines of any kind are banned. Data distributed in the Swobbl network is inaccessible from the outside.

data protection

Data generated during the operation of the Swobbl network is only used to fulfill the service. This means that all data and information are neither sold nor used to analyze user activities and user interests.