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The Swobbl-Cloud

A strong alternative

The Swobbl Cloud provides you with all the features of a private cloud. Synchronize all your data, whether files, contacts, calendars, or pending tasks with all your devices. Share your data with friends and acquaintances and edit your documents online and with others.



For all devices, whether smartphones, tablets or desktop systems, clients are available to synchronize your data. The following interfaces are available:

Integration of email accounts

The Swobbl cloud offers the possibility to easily integrate email accounts into the cloud. This results in an automatic contact adjustment and the ability to attach attachments directly to and send them out of the cloud.

Version management

The Swobbl cloud provides automatic version management. When a file is changed, the original file version is saved for 60 days to allow recovery. The versions can be viewed, restored and downloaded from the 'Details' tab.

Data sharing

Files, contacts, and calendars can be shared with other Swobbl cloud users. The sharing of files is also possible externally, via automatically generated links and distribution via emails. Optionally, you can add password protection, expiration dates and permission to edit.

In the future, the possibility to share calendars externally will be added.

Data protection

All data stored on the Swobbl Cloud as well as any access to the Swobbl Cloud is encrypted according to the latest standards. Only the user has access to his data.